Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Editorial policy, and practical details.

We publish the JOCBS once a year.  From time to time, if we receive an article which appears to be of great merit but is much too long to be included in a normal issue, we may publish a Special Supplement to a volume.

We publish any article which enhances knowledge and/or understanding of any aspect of Buddhism. Naturally, authors may assume some knowledge of Buddhism in their readership, but we shall give preference to articles which are accessible to non-specialists, and we may sub-edit articles to improve accessibility. This means, in particular, that all but the commonest Buddhist terms should be provided with an English translation, and so should all quotations from Buddhist texts.

There are other distinctive features. We publish many book reviews. We strongly encourage anyone who reads a book on Buddhism to which they feel attention should be drawn for any reason, positive or negative, to send us a review. That review will be published over the author’s name without being subject to peer review like an article (see below). We shall make it clear that the opinions expressed may not reflect those of the editors. Anyone may reply to a review. We hope thus to publish discussions, though of course we reserve the right not to publish any contribution we think may be libellous or untrue.

We shall thus not be afraid of controversy, but hope to avoid bad manners or bad taste.

Articles should be provided with the usual scholarly apparatus. Footnotes should be used rather than endnotes. British English will be preferred to American English but will not be pedantically enforced. The preferred form of references etc. will be that used in the Journal of Asian Studies, but again, complete uniformity will not be insisted on.

The Journal Editor is Dr. Alex Wynne.  We have an editorial board of four and an advisory board of nearly twenty scholars spread across many countries. The editorial board are:

Richard Gombrich: richard.gombrich@balliol.ox.ac.uk

Tse-fu Kuan: jeformosa@gmail.com

Alex Wynne: alxwynne@hotmail.com

John Holder

Articles should be submitted in the first place, in Word, to a member of the editorial board.  All articles (but not book reviews) should come with an Abstract.  As any article which appears prima facie to be publishable will then be passed for comment to two referees, it would be helpful if the author would submit their work unsigned and in a form which does not obviously reveal their identity. (The editor receiving the work, however, must of course know whose it is.) The anonymity of referees will likewise be protected, though their comments may be passed to authors where this would appear to be helpful.

Authors will retain copyright of their articles.



Section Policies


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Publication Frequency

JOCBS is published once a year in November


Author Self-Archiving

This journal permits and encourages authors to post items submitted to the journal on personal websites or institutional repositories after publication, while providing bibliographic details that credit, if applicable, its publication in this journal.