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Vol 1 An Early Korean Version of the Buddha's Biography. Abstract   PDF
Sem Vermeersch
Vol 9 An Ethical Critique of Wartime Zen Abstract   PDF
Brian Daizen Victoria
Vol 13 An Overview of Buddhist Precepts in Taiwan and Mainland China Abstract   PDF
Tzu-Lung Chiu
Vol 5 Anatomy of Quarrels and Disputes Abstract   PDF
Linda S. Blanchard
Vol 6 Apocryphal Treatment for Conze’s Heart Problems: “Non-attainment”, “Apprehension” and “Mental Hanging” in the Prajñāpāramitā Hrdaya Abstract   PDF
Shì Huìfēng
Vol 12 Asian Traditions of Meditation. Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 2016, xv + 254 pp. by Halvor Eifring (ed). Details   PDF
Peggy Morgan
Vol 12 ‘Epithets of the Mantra’ in the Heart Sutra Abstract   PDF
Jayarava Attwood
Vol 17 ‘Preconditions’: The Upanisā Sutta in Context Abstract   PDF
Thomas Jones Dhivan
Vol 11 ‘That bhikkhu lets go both the near and far shores’: meaning and metaphor in the refrain from the uraga verses Abstract   PDF
Dhivan Thomas Jones
Vol 10 Beings, Non-Beings, and Buddhas: Contrasting Notions of tathāgatagarbha in the Anūnatvāpūrṇatvanirdeśaparivarta and *Mahābherī Sūtra Abstract   PDF
C.V. Jones
Vol 18 Between Universal Consciousness and Cultural Patterns of Thought: Perspectives on Yu Yu’s Notion of Logic in the 1930s Abstract   PDF
Jan Vrhovski
Vol 20 Bhikkhu Bodhi, Reading the Buddha’s Discourses in Pāli. Somerville: Wisdom Publications. 531 pages. Details   PDF
Niels Schoubben
Vol 17 Bodhisattva Precepts and Their Compatibility with Vinaya in Contemporary Chinese Buddhism: A Cross-Straits Comparative Study Abstract   PDF
Chiu Tzu-Lung
Vol 9 Book Review Abstract   PDF
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Vol 8 Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
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Vol 4 Book Reviews for Vol. 4 Abstract   PDF
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Vol 6 Book Reviews Vol 6 Abstract   PDF
--- ---
Vol 4 Brahmanical Terminology and The Straight Way in the Tevijja Sutta Abstract   PDF
Brett Shults
Vol 1 Brahmā’s Invitation: the Ariyapariyesanā-sutta in the Light of its Madhyama-āgama Parallel Abstract   PDF
Ven. Analayo
Vol 4 Buddhicizing or Ethnicizing the State: Do the Sinhala Sangha Fear Muslims in Sri Lanka? Abstract   PDF
Suren Rāghavan
Vol 5 Buddhist Aesthetics? Abstract   PDF
Richard Gombrich
Vol 2 Burning Yourself: Paṭicca Samuppāda as a Description of the Arising of a False Sense of Self Modeled on Vedic Rituals. Abstract   PDF
Linda Blanchard
Vol 10 C. Pierce Salguero, Translating Buddhist Medicine in Medieval China. Series: Encounters with Asia. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014. Details   PDF
Reviewed by Frederick Shih-Chung Chen
Vol 15 Chan Master Hanyue’s Attitude toward Sutra Teachings in the Ming Abstract   PDF
Yi-Hsun Huang
Vol 8 Coined Money and Early Buddhism Abstract   PDF
Richard Fynes
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