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Vol 7 Studies in Pāli Commentarial Literature, Sources, Controversies and Insights. By Endo Toshiichi Details   PDF
Gudrun Pinte
Vol 2 Teaching the Abhidharma in the Heaven of the Thirty-three: The Buddha and his Mother Abstract   PDF
Ven. Analayo
Vol 2 Tempering Belles Infidèles and Promoting Jolies Laides: Idle Thoughts on the Ideal Rendering of Buddhist Texts and Terminology Abstract   PDF
Florin Deleanu
Vol 15 Text-critical History is not Exegesis: A Response to Anālayo Abstract
Alexander Wynne
Vol 11 The Bhikkhunī Revival Debate and Identity Problems: An Ethnographic Inquiry Abstract   PDF
Gihani de Silva
Vol 16 The Buddha taught in Pali: A working hypothesis Abstract
Stefan Karpik
Vol 9 The Buddha’s Fire Miracles Abstract   PDF
Bhikkhu Anālayo
Vol 15 The Buddhas of the Three Times and the Chinese Origins of the Heart Sutra Abstract
Jayarava Attwood
Vol 3 The Chinese Parallels to the Dhammacakkappavattana-sutta (1) Abstract   PDF
Ven. Analayo
Vol 5 The Chinese Parallels to the Dhammacakkappavattana-sutta (2) Abstract   PDF
Ven Anālayo
Vol 5 "The City", in which the Buddha Shows that His Teachings Evolved Abstract   PDF
Linda S. Blanchard
Vol 5 The Early Development of Buddhist Literature and Language in India Abstract   PDF
Lance Cousins
Vol 11 The Emperor's New Clothes: The Buddhist Military Chaplaincy in Imperial Japan and Contemporary America Abstract   PDF
Brian Victoria
Vol 12 The Foundation History of the Nuns’ Order, Hamburg Buddhist Studies 6. Numata Center for Buddhist Studies, Bochum/Freiburg, 2016 (278 pp.). by Anālayo. Details   PDF
Richard Gombrich
Vol 1 The Genesis of the Bodhisattva Ideal by Analayo Details   PDF
Richard Gombrich
Vol 6 The Hīnayāna Fallacy Abstract   PDF
Bhikkhu Analayo
Vol 5 The Kantian Dhamma: Buddhism and Human Rights Abstract   PDF
Paisarn Likhitpreechakul
Vol 1 The Legend of the Earth Goddess and the Buddha Abstract   PDF
Paisarn Leekhitpreechakul
Vol 13 The Luminous Mind in Theravāda and Dharmaguptaka Discourses Abstract   PDF
Bhikkhu Anālayo
Vol 9 The Mass Murderer who owes his Existence to Ignorance of Pali Abstract   PDF
Richard Gombrich
Vol 7 The Mass Suicide of Monks in Discourse and Vinaya Literature Abstract   PDF
Bhikkhu Analayo
Vol 8 The Medicinal Accomplishment (sman sgrub) practice in the Dudjom Meteoric Iron Razor (gnam lcags spu gri) tradition: Reflections on the ritual and meditative practice at a monastery in Southern Bhutan. Abstract   PDF
Cathy Cantwell
Vol 12 The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Buddhism, Oxford University Press, 2017. (737 pp.). by Michael Jerryson (ed.). Details   PDF
Richard Gombrich
Vol 9 The Practice of Fasting after Midday in Contemporary Chinese Nunneries Abstract   PDF
Tzu-Lung Chiu
Vol 8 The Self-immolation of Kalanos and other Luminous Encounters Among Greeks and Indian Buddhists in the Hellenistic World Abstract   PDF
Georgios T Halkias
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